We fabricate electronic cooling wind tunnels that are the accepted industry and research standard for electronic cooling flow test facilities. They feature low turbulence, uniform flow, easy operation and versatile test sections.

The semiconductor industry has recognized the need to be able to accurately characterize the performance of semiconductor devices and various package systems and related components under a broad range of thermal environments.
Manufacturers of PCs and smaller scale devices have the requirement to quantify the cooling air requirements for individual boards, multi-board arrays and ancillary components. 

More than 30 of these wind tunnels are in the laboratories of the world's leading semiconductor and computer manufacturers.


The prototype 12" Low Speed - Variable Temperature Recirculating Wind Tunnel was used to develop standard JEDEC 51-6, Integrated Circuit Thermal Test Method Environmental Conditions- Forced Convection (Moving Air).

We offer Flow Test Facilities for testing that requires the thermal characterization, pressure drop characteristics and flow performance of electronic components.


We also offer flow benches for testing that requires thermal characterization, pressure drop characteristics or flow performance of electronic components. 

Our standard models provide performance characterization and in-situ testing of small and miniature fans, precision measurement of mass flow rate and pressure losses through enclosures and chassis and determine static pressure requirements for cooling airflow. These systems are adapted from the AMCA Standard 210-85 / ASHRAE Standard 51-1985 Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Rating Outlet Chamber Setup (Fig. 11) design.
Accessory ducts and heating components enable users to conduct thermal characterization tests of heat sinks and similar devices.

Custom Products

When our standard products don't meet your needs, we will work with you to modify a standard system or develop a custom design to meet your specific requirements.