We design and fabricate a wide range of demonstration channels.

A-12 Hydraulic Demonstration Channel

A-12 Hydraulic Demonstration Channel

These channels are ideal complements to a course of study in fluids. After a discussion on hydraulic channel flow, they bring the real thing right into the classroom environment.

Typical, standard multi-purpose re-circulating demonstration channels consist of:

  • Transparent wall channel sections.

  • A head tank with adjustable undershot gate, movable tailgate, reservoir, circulating pump(s), flow meter and flow control valves.

  • A motorized jacking system adjusts the slope of the channel bed.

  • Working channel sections are fabricated of clear acrylic, which provides leak proof joints with twice the impact resistance of tempered plate glass.


  • Standard model, self-contained portable channels that may be easily rolled into the classroom to support lectures and demonstrations or into the laboratory for specific studies by individual students or groups.

  • An optional model set is available for use with these channels. Models of numerous hydraulic structures, fluid meters and other devices may be easily installed and accurately demonstrated.

SAR (Super Abrasion Resistant) acrylic can be supplied to provide additional resistance to abrasion. All other components that contact the flow are fabricated from non-corrosive materials including fiberglass, PVC, bronze and stainless steel. These units require 110 VAC electrical services for operation



As an add-on option to any of ELD's hydraulic channels, we offer a complete system of models. 


  • Gauge Carriage

  • V-Notch Weir

  • Pitot Tube

  • Wave Generator

  • Differential Manometer

  • Broad Crest Weir

  • Reynolds Experiment Apparatus

  • Spillway Section

  • Digital Point Gauge

  • Pipe Flow Set

  • Inclined Slope

  • SAF Stilling Basin

  • Flow Nozzle/Pipe Orifice

  • Pipe Drop Inlet

  • Venturi Meter

  • Hydraulic Jump Basin

  • Sudden Contraction/Expansion

  • Sluice Gate w/ Pressure taps

Custom Products

When our standard products don't meet your needs, we will work with you to modify a standard system or develop a custom design to meet your specific requirements.