01. Wind Tunnel

We offer a complete system of models and measurement systems as an add-on option to any ELD wind tunnel. These include:


  • NACA 0012 & 4412 Airfoils with pressure taps
  • NACA 0012 & 4412 Airfoils bracketed for strut mounting to the dynamometer
  • Boundary Layer Plate
  • Cylinder model with pressure tap
  • Drag Body set: Smooth, and Rough Spheres, Disk, Cup, Hemisphere
  • Balance/Dynamometer
  • Traversing Probe
  • Pressure Transducer
  • Control/Readout Device


This full instrumentation system, offered as an accessory to the standard wind tunnel models, allows students to investigate and measure the basic air flow phenomena and make the association between theoretical concepts and real life events.

This system can be adapted to any sub-sonic wind tunnel or other application for similar air flow measurements. Features include:


  • A lift-drag dynamometer, pressure transducer, and two-axis probe positioning system.
  • The pressure transducer can be used to measure the pressure distribution associated with wind tunnel models and/or for measuring the test section velocity when used in conjunction with the Pitot-static probe.
  • Linear differential variable transducers (LVDTs) are employed for sensing loads on the dynamometer.
  • The LVDT provides a remarkably stable output signal and will withstand rough handling. The probe location is reported through the separate digital displays.
  • All of the necessary electronics are included in an attractive, bench top enclosure.


In situations requiring more refined measurements, we will help you establish the measurement type and accuracy.


We have a strong working relationship with a wide variety of instrumentation vendors, and can procure required components or suggest other vendors for you to pursue independently.